Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SHAVING YOUR FACE..the secret to radiant smooth looking skin!

   Yes!... Shaving your face also referred to as Derma-Planing in the medical field can help to give your skin a smooth radiant looking glow by the removal of the top layer of tissue.  If you have ever received a skin care treatment in a Plastic Surgeons or Dermatologist's office, chances are the Skin care specialist or Aesthetician derma-planed your face before applying the product.  This removes the top layer of the epidermis (stratum corneum) which helps the product to penetrate and increases cellular turnover.
     You say Oh My! I can't do that, only men are suppose to shave there face...who said? 
 There was an article in Bazaar Magazine about 8 to 10 years ago on" Shaving Your Face... the secret to smooth and radiant looking skin". Women were paying between 120 and 150 U.S. dollars for a technician to perform this procedure.  The article stated some of the women were addicted to derma-planing, because they loved the way their skin looked and felt after the treatment. 
A great treatment to combine with Derma-planing is a Firm and Lift Mask.

I personally shave my face on an average of 2 times a week. Just before a special occasion , I always shave before applying moisturizer (remember this helps product penetration thereby rendering better results) then I apply my makeup. When I perform most skin care treatments, I derma-plane before applying the product, except when performing certain chemical peels.  Facial tissue is delicate use care, start slow and be gentle. Always shave up and out thus working against gravity.  Since sharing this information with several of my skin care patients they too love the results. If you want to know more or schedule an appointment for a procedure you can call our office at 757-599-5477 if we are unable to answer please leave a message or email us at