Wednesday, March 16, 2016



Here are 5 Beauty Tips from TOP BEAUTY PROS

I think everyone can use at least 1 out of these 5  BEAUTY Tips that are mentioned here and that is  why I wanted to share them with you.

                                                     I hope you find them interesting.
1.  Make eyes appear larger by lining them completely-along the upper and lower lashes -so the   lines meet st the outer corners, says makeup artist Bobby Brown.  "Contrary to makeup myths,  lining halfway or on the inside of the lashes won't enlarge our eyes."
2.  To perk up dark eyes, makeup artist Trish  McEvoy uses a slant tip stiff- bristle brush and white cream eye shadow to apply tiny V's at the inner corners of the eyes, then dabs with finger to soften and blend the color

3.  Fake bee-stung lips- dot with a a iridescent powder or shimmery lip gloss in the middle of the lower lip, says makeup pro Moyra Mulholland.  Just blend and blot.

4.  To shrink zits, New York dermatologist Patricia Wexler recommends treating the spots with a tiny dab of preparation H.  If redness is more of an issue, squirt a couple of dops of Visine.

5.Never rub wrists together after applying a scent" The rubbing motion  will crush the fragrance bead altering the scent," explains perfumer Jo Malon